Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spam Off

Some Aussie companies continue to send spam into cyberspace.

You’d think they knew and understood the provisions of the Spam Act 2003 (Cth). You’d think they had reviewed their e-mail and internet policies to ensure compliance. You’d think they’d also reviewed client databases and contact details to ensure they’d obtained client consent for receiving commercial messages.

You’d think they’d trained their employees on anti-spam policies. You’d think they would have reviewed their marketing strategies and the methods they use to distribute commercial messages to existing and potential clients.

Organisations not complying with the Act can be fined in excess of $1 million a day. That’s a lot of money to lose for sending out commercial electronic messages without approval from the recipient or an exemption granted under the Act.

The Act defines an electronic message to include one sent by e-mail, SMS text or using an internet-based messaging system. Specifically excluded are fax and voice communications. The message, to be proscribed, must be for a specific commercial purpose e.g. offering or promoting or advertising goods, services, investments or land. Further, the message must have been send from Australia or be accessed in Australia.

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